The Society of St Nicholas, Eton College
08 December 2016

Welcome to The Society of St Nicholas, Eton College


The Society of Saint Nicholas is committed to support and strengthen the Catholic faith within the Catholic community at Eton and to nurture the spiritual life and faith of Catholic boys and their families.



Catholic interests at Eton had been represented from at least the 1950s by the Old Etonian Catholic Association, which held an annual dinner.  As the number of boys at the school began to increase it was decided to form a society to represent their parents, who were concerned that the provision of specifically Catholic religious instruction for their sons was limited, and this society merged with the Old Etonian Catholic Association in the late 1960s. 

 The Society’s main achievement was to negotiate with the school for a resident Catholic chaplain.  By the time the first chaplain, Father Peter Knott SJ, arrived in 1985 the number of Catholic boys in the school had grown to around 150 and it has continued to increase.  Currently there are over 250 Catholics in the school.
The Society’s membership is open to the parents of Catholic boys at Eton, Catholic Old Etonians and others whom the Society wishes to elect.  Its objects are: to advance religion at Eton and to ensure the provision of religious instruction in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, subject to the general directions of the local bishop; to provide a Catholic priest and to maintain and assist him; and to encourage and support wherever possible the active participation of Catholic Etonians in charitable works, particularly those organized by the Society or by other Christian charitable bodies. 



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